Dan Bilzerian Growth Hacking School 101, Livin that ‘ilzerian Lifestyle

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Dan Bilzerian Growth Hacking School 101, Livin that ‘ilzerian Lifestyle

Dan Bilzerian has conquered Social Media Marketing and did it through Growth Hacking his way through the establishment of Silicon Valley trash.


Start living that ‘ilzerian life, and stop cowering to your boss and become your own. Growth Hacking your way to a location lifestyle business through sound content marketing and social media genius.


Have you unfortunately been born into the “Millenial” years? Well, I just made the cut by one year. And let me say from what I’ve witnessed at multiple workplaces Millenials are setting themselves up for a .50cal to the head, metaphorically speaking of course. Unless you pissed off The Ilzerian. Dan Bilzerian, the Poker Superstar, Social Media Marketing guru and Content Marketing extraodinaire has shown the world how properly using Social Media outlets for the INTENDED purposes can create a larger than life figure; example A) SEE Donald J. Trump. In fact I can picture The Ilzerian as president in about 16 years from now, screw you Bezos. By showing his incredibly self absorbed cheesy pictures on Instagram of his amazingly awesome life he has a soft 22.5 MILLION followers on Instagram, the World’s 3rd Largest Social Media network, and all by starting out as a Poker Player…ahh the power of Social.

I am certainly no P and most definitely a BOSS, but I find in all these agencies I consult to these P Millenials who are just going to get stuck in the 9–5 hamster wheel at some over decorated art-nouveau styled office building, we get it your cool you spent $1M on Banksy to draw something on your wall. If you don’t’ want to be trapped inside a box for a living you should probably read on and utilize the tips given, I did and they worked for me and if they can work for me they can for you also. Believe me, I have been in the meat grinder when I was younger, dumber, skinnier and well I’m still handsome, but you get it. I understand the safety of a 9–5 paycheck, that feeling of “ooooh its Thursday, TOMORROW I am going to get my bosses money deposited into my account” and cool look they even took out the $100 for my health insurance I don’t have any worries in the world! Do you really want to live like that the rest of your life? Unless there are six zeroes behind that check and you have a corner office I would say DEFFINETLY NOT. So WWDBD? Ask yourself “What Would Dan Bilzeria Do”, imagine the next day you wake up in your life and your Dan Bilzerian. What would he do to enhance his life? The answer is your answer to breaking free from the shackles of wage slavery and becoming a digital nomad or lifestyle business owner. Just remember you want to be livin’ that ‘ilzerian life, not that “your life”.

Now I know most of you are saying “We all can’t be freelancers or consultants” what would the world look like, FOREX would crash overnight and systems would stop automating, WRONG. Dead wrong in fact. Outsourcing work is on the rise and if you’re in the field working for yourself you’ll notice that more and more the users are coming from India. If you go on Fiverr, someone from Inida will do an entire site rebuild for you for $20USD, because to them that’s a weeks worth of work in that country doing a normal job. So in today’s competitive market you have to provide your USP (Unique Selling Point, dumbass) which combats the low price bids from these foreign freelancers. The answer is quite simple. You are a native English speaker, You live in the United States or Canada or the United Kingdom, regardless you naively SPEAK THE KINGS ENGLISH, which already gives you a major advantage over them and always will, no matter what they will never speak or understand English grammar better than yourself, use that and push it hard on the client. In other areas like SEO or PPC, it’s a simple matter of quality vs quantity and you have to convey that to your client, be blunt. Tell them, YES maybe I charge more than some of these other offers you’re getting but they don’t have access to American .com/.edu/.org websites for backlinks, they will just throw your site up on low-quality ditch holes and then show your 50 backlinks and say thanks for the money. Or on SEO its the old — its the 1st of the month and your ranked on the first page goodbye thanks for the money. Explain to the client that they don’t want a pay for hire virtual assistant marketer with no access to American products or English speaking native applications. You think Dan Bilzerian outsourced his Paid Search to Guram on Fiverr? Absolutely not, but if you follow these steps you’ll never have to compete for a job against Bikram again.

  • Clean up your branding, influence and become more public, this forces good health habits as your opinion to your peers will give you more authority. Listen people want to see who’s behind the other end of the lens or screen and if you look like a complete degenerate likely you wont get hired likely you wont post your picture, likely people will mistrust you. Dan Bilzerian is always ballin’. ie;
  • Actually learn a skill outside the digital sphere, like Archery or Krav Maga. There is an OUTSIDE world out there and learning anything from Yoga to Brazilian Jui-Jitsu to Cooking will affect your entire life and teach you things related to your work you would never imagine. Go out learn how to shoot a gun, buy one go to the range once a a week let off some steam, or if your like myself and consider yourself Genghis Khan reborn get a nice Recurved Bow (none of that P compound bow garbage), a target and arrows and start shooting (hint: its not easy), or take up Dodgeball.
  • Try Cold Selling your Services to local SMB’s gaining interactions and networking with real LIVE successful businessmen. This I CANNOT STRESS enough, if you cannot sell a service or get a one on one meet with a local company for your services then you really need to start from square one. Companies only care about one thing; the bottom line, ROI, Sales, Money, etc. How does Digital Marketing help them do that? Answer that question and push that on them and I guarantee at least 2/3 out of 10 businesses will be interested.
  • Tune into your inner feeling, that innate feeling about the internet. Remember, you grew up with the internet it’s indented in your Psyche, use that to your advantage over the old (35+) people who had TO GET USED TO the internet not natively grow up with it. Stop listening to your atypical “Marketing Professional” the 45 year old guy with three kids who has his MBA in Business Marketing but doesn’t know how to generate a lead from the internet if his life depended on it. You can learn more from 20 years olds like Charles Floate than you will ever learn from your traditional “marketing professional”. Now of course there are people well over 35, Perry Marshall, Brian Halligan, Casey Demchak, Declan Dunn and more but those are not “traditional marketers’ by any means they DIDNT GO the route of the “MBA Marketer” they went the right route and it paid off.
  • Hone in on ONE SKILL or NICHE and dominate it. Stop trying to be a Digital Marketing Rainmaker off the bat. Go ahead and learn PPC or SEO from an authority like Wordstream, HubSpot, Source University, etc. Then master that skill, there are literally thousands of freelance jobs on Upwork, Freelance, PeoplePerHour, etc. Go on there and get some work done and see how good you actually are when the heat is on. Then move and learn the next most relatable skill and soon realize that they all interweave leading to towards a complete skillset in the end anyway. Remember this is a process, however, if you dedicate a year of your life to learning one skill say Copywriting or AdWords from the right authorities I guarantee you will have the experience to make money online easily.
  • Activate your Growth Hacking sleeper cell by saying the words “Links No Longer Matter In Google”. Not that links don’t matter, its the #1 thing that Google looks for but QUALITY links not QUANTITY links and as we get further down the rabbit hole backlinks will matter less and less, focus more on Contextual Link Building, Guest Blogging, and GOOD CONTENT instead of worrying about the number of shitty backlinks you have. Spend your time on building great content that other authority sites will promote then go find some long tail keywords with low CPC and do some AdWords along with buying some backlinks from an established PBN like the ones from the masters at KONKER.


Listen if you like working in a office with co-workers, gossip, copy machines, water machines, the security of your bi-weekly check and health insurance that’s fine. But even if you are like that, then why not make some passive income on the side? This life is about living, not working to live and I think everyone should be able to do it as they have all the resources around them for it. You just have to take advantage of them and get on that HUSTLE train. Learn some CPA Marketing, in 6 months you can have three affiliate sites up and running bringing you in enough money to cover your taxes and expenses, why not? Otherwise have a happy life in your office.

  • DISCLAIMER. Let me write this, I have been to some AMAZING work places where I would most definitely have worked at if offered a job there but that is usually only 1 in 10 workplaces and you have to have the right combination of office environment, office space, boss, co-workers and atmosphere. In those rare cases stick with your 9–5.

Source: https://www.growthkings.com/dan-bilzerian-growth-hacking-millenials/

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